Fall 2017 Recreational Classes

Classes begin September 5th




Full policy: Studio Policies 2017-18

Below you will find an abbreviated list of important policies:

  1. Students should arrive on time to class and not be dropped off earlier than 10 minutes prior to class or stay longer than 5 minutes afterwards.
  2. No student will be allowed to participate in regular, team or private classes if their account is over 30 days past due. Any money received from delinquent accounts will first be applied to the past due tuition balances. No student will be allowed to perform in the annual gala or any dance competitions unless their entire account is current.
  3. Costumes are to be paid in full by due date (specified in calendar available soon)
  4. A $75 per family non-refundable recital fee is due by March 15th, 2018. This fee is separate from your costume payment and helps defer the costs of our recital. This fee includes 1 Souvenir Program Book, 1 Gala DVD, 1 Gala t-shirt, and 4 Gala tickets. Additional DVDs are $35, additional t-shirts are $15, and additional tickets are $10 each.
  5. All classes and private lessons are closed session. Do not open the door during class time.
  6. Late Payment: All payments are due by the 5th of each month to receive the early bird discount. $10 will be added on the 6th of each month.


  1. A dancers attire greatly determines the attitude toward his/her classwork. Therefore, we require that the standard of appropriate neatness be observed at all times. The teacher may not allow class  participation by a student who regularly neglects this requirement.
  2. All ballet shoes MUST have the elastic properly sewn into the show and drawstrings tucked in (no bows).
  3. NO underwear should be worn under tights. Both tights and leotards have cotton lined panels similar to a bathing suit.
  4. Studs and small earrings are the only permissible jewelry to be worn in class
  5. No t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts (including "Soffes"), jeans, or baggy clothing is to be worn in class.
  6. ALL STUDENTS must wear a leotard and tights to ALL classes. Jazz pants are permitted in classes excluding ballet and must be worn OVER a leotard and tights. Advanced ballet is permitted to wear a matching or black skirt
  7. Boys should wear a white t-shirt, black athletic shorts or sweatpants and appropriate shoes with socks.
  8. Hair should be worn up and away from the face. Short hair should be pinned back. ALL BALLET STUDENTS should wear hair in a proper ballet bun, using bun pins to secure.

Dance Attire May be Purchased at:

Dance Exchange in Wilmington

Discount Dance Supply


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